1. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Thank You Thank You Thank You We just got our 2 ½ year-old Shepherd, Lily, back from a 2 ½ week’s board & train. It’s still early days but already I can see a positive change in her. She has stopped her incessant jumping and mouthing and overall is a much calmer, balanced dog. In this calmer state she pays more attention to us and less about all the distractions we have around, i.e. deer…Read More

  2. JUST LISTEN!!! They really really know what they’re doing and it WORKS!

    We got our sweet lab pup at 10 weeks. We knew we wanted a well trained dog that we could walk off leash, hike with, have around our daughter and her friends, etc...so we contacted Laurie and made our initial reservation for board and train before we’d even brought Rizzo home!! We were committed to training and followed their instruction but, regardless of training, puppies are hard! Rizzo was wi…Read More

    Angela Ryg
  3. I love applying what I have learned from her each and every day

    Laurie has forever changed my dog handling and training experience. So much so that I am confident enough to enjoy the companionship of four dogs, three which are deaf. I first met Laurie and her staff four years ago when the concept of board and train caught my attention. She took in my hearing and deaf dog and guided them over a 10 day period to a new way of learning. I was so impressed that I …Read More

    Diane Loucks
  4. Wonderful family companion

    I first came to Dog Days Training Center about 7 years ago.  Laurie Buffington was recommended to me by my veterinarian.  I can’t thank Laurie enough for all she has done to help the shy little Golden Retriever puppy I brought with me become the wonderful family companion she is today. Laurie is a very knowledgeable and talented dog trainer.  She has the ability to assess each dog individuall…Read More

    Nancy Beery
  5. Words cannot express how grateful we are

    Laurie and the team at Dog Days literally saved our family!  My husband and I purchased two chocolate lab littermate puppies without realizing how difficult the training would be.  Although we had successfully trained other puppies in the past, we were in way over our heads with our two new girls.  Despite our best efforts they were hyperactive and totally out of control. We decided our only ho…Read More

    Kacy & Tim Sable
  6. I know he and I have a long way to go….but wow!  Thank you!!!!!!

    Hi All! Here is a photo of Ranger with my very fragile 80 year old mom.  He sat with her for an entire wedding event this weekend, with other loose dogs present, and did not tug on her or give her one bit of trouble the entire time. I know he and I have a long way to go….but wow!  Thank you!!!!!! See you soon! Julie…Read More

  7. Truly a reflection of all the hard work that you and your team invested in him

    Hello, I wanted to give you the Raven Report! What an amazing transformation he has undergone. It is truly a reflection of all the hard work (=hours and hours) that you and your team invested in him. Yesterday, he had his final round of vaccinations and WOWED his vet and the techs in Estes Park. He calmly did everything he was asked to do and even lay down (with the hip relaxed) while we discussed…Read More

  8. What you guys did with Trooper is a miracle!

    Hi everyone,  I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple of weeks and just finally got a moment. What you guys did with Trooper is a miracle!  He is so much more fun to be around and easy to live with! He’s responded very well to the e-collar but there were a couple of days when we forgot to turn it on and he still did well, even in a crowd! He calms down quickly, lies quietly at our feet,…Read More

    Connie Baker
  9. You and your team have changed everything for me

    Hazelnut has been officially transformed by you and your team! Her entire character has changed… in the best way ever. These are the things we noticed within the first few days: – She is more confident and in turn, calmer. – She is more affectionate with me, which is what I was hoping for in the long run (how did you do this?!) – She isn’t nearly as mouthy with us. – The gentle leader …Read More

  10. Truly impressed

    I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful training that your facility is giving our dog. We went camping this past weekend with 15 children (ranging from 1-14yrs) and 22 adults. We were a little nervous about how Tilly would handle so many people and so much going on, but she did AWESOME!!  Not once did she jump up on or nip at any of the kids. She always sat and waited patiently until the…Read More