A private evaluation allows us the opportunity to observe your dog, address specific concerns, define your goals, suggest training techniques, and ultimately help you to choose the best method of training for you and your dog.

A standard evaluation for a new puppy or dog is an hour-long process that Laurie will always personally handle. Evaluations concerning more serious behavioral issues or bite cases are more intensive and in-depth sessions that usually require one to two hours with Laurie. For both standard and behavioral evaluations, Laurie will often incorporate additional dogs and staff members to create a variety of situations so she is able to best observe and understand the full range of your dog’s behavior.

In “dog bite” cases, a court-ordered training program can be organized and completed through behavioral evaluations and additional private training.

Basic Adult Evaluation:$150

Puppy Evaluations: $125

Behavioral Assessment: Amount TBD based on case details

Please contact us to schedule your evaluation.