When your puppy initially comes home they are sweet, adorable, and follow you everywhere. A week goes by and now they are racing around, grabbing shoes, jumping up on everyone, and peeing everywhere! A few more weeks of this uncontrolled behavior and you may be ready to send the pup packing, as your furry friend is not holding up their end of the perfect relationship that you had envisioned!

Whether you are ready or not, training starts the minute you bring your pup home. Our puppy classes can help you deal with the variety of “puppy behavior issues” that you will undoubtedly face.

This early period in your pup’s life is the most critical time for you to establish the foundation for the dog you want. Many people do not appreciate that dogs make 95% of their life behavior decisions by the time they are 16 weeks old. We have learned through experience, that the single most important predictor of problem behavior in older dogs is too much freedom early in their lives.

Our puppy classes are NOT “free for alls” with unlimited wrestling and non-stop playing, but constitute controlled learning environments. The classes provide off-leash, puppy-appropriate socialization that is always supervised. As your pup matures, the world’s endless distractions will be your competition, so NOW is the best time to teach the pup the rules and boundaries in order for them to develop into the happy and loving dog you will enjoy for a lifetime.

In order to sign up for a puppy class or private puppy training please visit our How To Start and Private Evaluation pages for more information.