Every new dog to Dog Days Training Center is required to attend a private evaluation before being placed in an obedience class, individual training or scheduled for our Board and Train program.  Prior to your private evaluation please let us know some history about your dog and what you would like us to help you with.  Think about your goals, priorities or concerns.  When you are ready to schedule your evaluation please call us at 303 678 7863, or email laurie@dogdaystc.com.   For more information about this process please review the Private Evaluation page.

One final note, due to the rigorous schedules in our dog programming, every day dogs are being trained, worked, or are just out playing on our 10 acre farm. We regulate the programming and maintain the dogs’ safety according to scheduled appointment times.  In maintaining consistency with our philosophy/mission, it is essential for our operations that dogs that arrive without notice and outside of their scheduled appointment times will not be accepted.  In addition, we regret that NO SHOWS will be still charged for their appointment time.   We look forward to helping you have the dog you have always wanted!