At Dog Days Training Center in Berthoud, we are happy to offer a new program — Stay and Play!

Instead of just dropping your dog off, this is a chance for you to be trained alongside your dog while you stay at a private residence at Dog Days!

This is an individualized program, tailored specifically for each client and dog to work on what you need the most. Over the course of a few intensive days, you and your dog may have the chance to work in a wide variety of situations and environments to address your most pressing training needs.

We are able to work on house-manners, door-manners, crate training, meeting and greeting, people and dogs entering the house, to name just a few skills. There will also be the opportunity to work your dog off-leash, with access to the pond and 10 acres of pastures. If your dog is socially appropriate, we can also work with the other board and train dogs. In addition, this is also a service that can be combined with a board and train package to help you practice before taking your dog home.

The opportunity for you and your dog to practice these skills in a home environment allows you to begin modifying unwanted and challenging behaviors. In addition to the skills already mentioned, several clients have found that our stay and play program is very helpful for their dog to learn how to be calm in a new environment before traveling with your dog.

The guesthouse is a one-bedroom space with a queen bed, full kitchen, living area, and laundry room. Individual access to come and go. WiFi and DIRECTV is also included in our guesthouse. This space also includes a mudroom with a Dutch door and a small-enclosed yard with direct access to an acre fenced yard.

If you are interested in our stay and play program and think it could be beneficial for your dog and their training, be sure to contact us! We can answer any questions you have. Our team at Dog Days Training Center in Berthoud can help you learn how to properly train your dog.