1. Not even a growl or nip

    Hi there. I just wanted to drop y’all a short note about Diesel.  We went to the vet this morning for his last round of shots.  Diesel was incredible!  He tolerated all of the exam, including a hernia check and having his temp taken, like a champ.  Not even a growl or nip.  They picked him up on the table and he took all three immunizations with no problem.  He couldn’t have been b…Read More

    Billy Ricks
  2. Our experience with Laurie was so good for all of us

    About Dog Days Training and Laurie and Her Staff Don and Cissi here, We met Laurie following a biting incident involving our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. The court required us to have Bentley evaluated and that is how found Laurie. She came highly recommended by the Boulder County authorities and we now understand why. Laurie was right up front with us and laid out the options and promised she wou…Read More

    Don Mullen
  3. Works beautifully

    It might be called dog obedience classes at Dog Days Training Center, but I know that it is really people obedience training.   I work with my dog and sometimes with mixed results.   It seems to be so obvious to Laurie as she can see in an instant what I am doing to get my mixed result.   I am the one who has some bad habits!    I can’t see myself, so I rely on and am totally gratef…Read More

    Jo Schmidt
  4. Look no further

    To anyone who is considering Laurie Buffington and Dog Days training: Look no further, Laurie Buffington and her team at Dog Days are the most effective and qualified dog trainers you will ever experience. My first introduction to Laurie was with Jasper, my chocolate lab puppy. We participated in each level of training classes Dog Days offered and we emerged with the most wonderful, well trained d…Read More

    Sarah Mittlehaus