1. Calm, well behaved, and gentle

    I am not sure it is possible to put into words how much we appreciate what the folks at Dog Days have done for our 5 year old Ridgeback (and us), but I’ll try.Bringing a soon-to-be 100lb Ridgeback puppy safely into our home with our 1 year old toddler was going to take some effort, and we couldn’t have done it without Laurie, Shantel and their team. The obedience classes taught me how to be a …Read More

    The Shepherd Family (including Whiskey!)
  2. Laurie saw something redeeming in me

    Dear Laurie & Staff, One year ago I was a nervous, out of control rescue puppy who had a tough beginning.  My owners weren’t sure they could keep me.  As I walked into the building for an evaluation, my hackles were up and I acted very wary.  Fortunately, Laurie saw something redeeming in me. A year later, after training, I have manners, obey commands (most of the time), don’t bark at o…Read More

    Gene & Susan Mossberg

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Tiki is the BEST trained ever! Dear Dog Days, Can not thank you all enough for your training Tiki (and me).  She’s the VERY best trained we’ve ever had! (She’s our 9th Samoyed, plus a few lab mixes).  I’ve certainly been through enough obedience classes with all of our dogs, but yours is by far the VERY BEST.  I’ve…Read More

    Flora Larson
  4. Truly dog’s best friend

    Although much has been written about man’s best friend, Laurie is truly dog’s best friend.  Her many years in the field of behavior and training are emphasized through herrelationships with dogs, and her ability to blend clinical work with science.  She is excellent at data collection and has been a sub-investigator in numerous rigorous studies on dog behavior.  Her approach is authentic…Read More

    Dr. Camille King
  5. Never fails to elicit comments about his good behavior

    Due to construction at our house, Levante has been coming into the office most week days and he never fails to elicit comments about his good behavior.  People who remember him from 2 years ago state “I would have NEVER thought you could keep that pup uncrated at the office”.  Thanks!…Read More

    Diane Kallgren/Kevin Maguire
  6. Healthy, happy and tired.

    Mickie has been coming to Dog Days since she was a puppy.  In these past 8 years, Laurie’s Board and Train program has helped us tremendously with our headstrong cattle dog.  Unlike a kennel, Laurie trains and boards, and she is always happy to work on specific ‘problem areas’ in my dog’s behavior.  She also get lots of exercise – from walking the pasture in the morning before br…Read More

    Beth Rodgers
  7. Laurie taught me what I needed to do

    Gogo, our bullmastiff, joined our family as a small cuddly puppy—full of puppy energy.  My family did the basic training we knew.  But she grew and grew and grew.  By the time she was 6 months old we discovered we really had no clue how to train a dog as big as Gogo. All I can say is thank goodness for Laurie and the staff at Dog Days. The first thing every owner learns from Laurie is tha…Read More

    Kris Hicar
  8. Amazed

    Dog Days Training Center and its staff have exceeded our expectations and continue to do so every week when we attend class with our great dane Bentley. You’ll be continually amazed at the things you would never think about, but end up being so important when training your dog. The obvious skill and knowledge base that you’ll find at Dog Days is truly impressive and you WON’T regret it. You…Read More

    Chloe and Nico
  9. She helped make our dogs a joy to be around

    Laurie Buffington at Dog days Training center has changed our life with our dogs. We have two Labrador retrievers and live in the mountains west of Boulder Colorado. Our dogs have hunting genes in their background and we needed help to get them to stop chasing deer and foxes so that we could go on safe off leash hikes with them  protecting the wildlife as well as protecting our dogs from ranging…Read More

    Alex and Marcia Barber
  10. Happy and healthy

    My two Weimeraner sisters, Max and Scout, first came to Dog Days when they were almost six months old.  Over the next nine and a half years, they probably spent more nights there than any other dogs in Laurie Buffington’s care.  I travel a lot for work and at one point I was transferred to London.  As a result, the girls spent their required six months of quarantine at Dog Days.  After that …Read More

    Jane Miller