You and your team have changed everything for me

Hazelnut has been officially transformed by you and your team! Her entire character has changed… in the best way ever. These are the things we noticed within the first few days:

– She is more confident and in turn, calmer.
– She is more affectionate with me, which is what I was hoping for in the long run (how did you do this?!)
– She isn’t nearly as mouthy with us.
– The gentle leader is a God send. Literally. No more pulling and she walks like a dog who knows who her pack leader is.
– She is more obedient. I am no longer her playmate. (whew)
Laurie, thank you again for your training, diligence and care with Hazelnut while she stayed with you. I was at the end of the road with Nut when I met you. Now, I’m at the beginning again, with a new dog that I adore. You and your team have changed everything for me.
Sending much love and big gratitude!
Oct 1, 2016