Works beautifully

It might be called dog obedience classes at Dog Days Training Center, but I know that it is really people obedience training.   I work with my dog and sometimes with mixed results.   It seems to be so obvious to Laurie as she can see in an instant what I am doing to get my mixed result.   I am the one who has some bad habits!    I can’t see myself, so I rely on and am totally grateful to Laurie’s well trained eye.   “Try this,” says Laurie.    “That is just too simple,”  I tell myself.   I try it and it works beautifully!

Laurie bridges the communication gap between me and my dog, Kona.    This knowledge allows me to really understand why Kona is behaving in a certain way, and what I did or did not do that encourages that behavior – good and bad.   During part of the classes, Laurie has the dogs interact with the other dogs off leash and their people.   By example, Laurie points out the communication between the dogs –  what is play, what is over-stimulation, what is aggression, and what to do about it as the dog owner.

Kona and I have taken doggie classes at other facilities.    I learned the mechanics of how to get Kona to react in certain ways.   With Laurie at Dog Days Training Center,  we are given the understanding behind the mechanics.    This knowledge gives me a much deeper understanding so that I can generalize to other related situations.

Training with Laurie is very satisfying.    The continual, positive results bring Kona and I even closer.   Working consistently with Kona takes a real effort, but it is a whole lot of fun!

The grounds, facilities and staff at Dog Days TrainingCenter are fantastic.  The Training Barn even has misters for those hot summer days.  At the end of class, the doggies get to race around in a very large fenced in areas with a huge pond.    Those lucky doggies!

You will be impressed with your private meeting with Laurie, as well as the group doggie classes.  I wish I would have found Laurie from the beginning.  She is the best!

Many thanks to Laurie and her very capable assistant Shantel!

Jo Schmidt

Loveland, Co

Jo Schmidt