Words cannot express how grateful we are

Laurie and the team at Dog Days literally saved our family!  My husband and I purchased two chocolate lab littermate puppies without realizing how difficult the training would be.  Although we had successfully trained other puppies in the past, we were in way over our heads with our two new girls.  Despite our best efforts they were hyperactive and totally out of control.

We decided our only hope was to seek professional help, so we did lots of research and spoke with many local trainers.  We were told repeatedly that we would never get them to behave and were encouraged to give one up, which was heart-breaking and very discouraging.  In desperation we reached out to our vet and he recommended Laurie and the Dog Days team.  Laurie was kind enough to accept them into the board and train program.  After 12 days we saw amazing improvement in their behavior and ability to focus.  Laurie agreed that we had a very difficult task ahead of us but gave us hope along with the tools to be successful.  We started taking our girls to Dog Days intermediate training classes and continued to make huge progress.  A few weeks ago Laurie told us that we were ready to move up to the advance class which literally brought tears to my eyes.  We look forward to the ability to take our girls hiking and snowshoeing off leash and we are certain that we will achieve that goal!

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Laurie and her team!  We encourage anyone to participate in the classes and the fantastic board and train program and plan to be clients for life.

-Kacy & Tim Sable

Kacy & Tim Sable