What you guys did with Trooper is a miracle!

Hi everyone,

 I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple of weeks and just finally got a moment.
What you guys did with Trooper is a miracle!  He is so much more fun to be around and easy to live with!
He’s responded very well to the e-collar but there were a couple of days when we forgot to turn it on and he still did well, even in a crowd!
He calms down quickly, lies quietly at our feet, greets people calmly at the door, does well on walks, LISTENS!!
He doesn’t mouth us, is affectionate, doesn’t jump on us or counters, plays nicely with his toys, LOOKS AT US FOR WHATEVER HE WANTS!
We took him camping for the first time this past weekend and he makes a great camping dog!  No barking!  Loved being with us.  Great with friends.
We can’t say enough about him.  I think 9-months-old is going to be our favorite age instead of the worst!
Thank you, thank you!
Connie Baker May 2015
Connie Baker