Truly a reflection of all the hard work that you and your team invested in him


I wanted to give you the Raven Report! What an amazing transformation he has undergone. It is truly a reflection of all the hard work (=hours and hours) that you and your team invested in him. Yesterday, he had his final round of vaccinations and WOWED his vet and the techs in Estes Park. He calmly did everything he was asked to do and even lay down (with the hip relaxed) while we discussed him. We weren’t able to “catch” a urine sample so I’ll keep at it. He was even invited to meet a very dog-tolerant big cat by the cat’s owner and just scooted forward politely. He backed up at the first hiss and got behind me. There has been no frenetic barking tho’ some predictable whining. He re-met—calmly—the tots next door and there was no jumping or any attempt to do so—or mouthiness. A bit of hand-licking, which garnered a giggle from wee Nash, and then we were out the door on a positive note.

So, I can only give you my profound thanks for the progress to date and my promise to follow through on training as requested. We’ll see you on the 16th! I’ll email as the date approaches and I’ve reached Don to coordinate with Rook’s arrival.

All the best,