Our experience with Laurie was so good for all of us

About Dog Days Training and Laurie and Her Staff

Don and Cissi here,

We met Laurie following a biting incident involving our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. The court required us to have Bentley evaluated and that is how found Laurie. She came highly recommended by the Boulder County authorities and we now understand why.

Laurie was right up front with us and laid out the options and promised she would not compromise on her judgment once she had made it. She told us to be prepared to give Bentley up or put him down. She agreed to keep him for an evaluation period and we left him there.

Laurie let us know at the end of the evaluation period that Bentley was basically a very good dog and if there was any problem, it was us. Laurie’s ability to deliver the truth is one of her strongest qualities. She worked with a very demanding court system on our behalf and after a series of training classes, both Bentley and Cissi and I satisfied the Judge and were released from his authority.

Our experience with Laurie was so good for all of us, that we continued our training with her in multiple level classes and the results are fantastic. Bentley has great control now, which for a high strung terrier is not a small feat, and Cissi and I are much more responsible pet owners.

Laurie and her staff are the most caring and dedicated group I have encountered and I continue to tell everyone I know about her results and commitment to both Bentley and us. Laurie and her staff are the reason that Bentley is still with us and we are forever grateful.

Trust Laurie, listen to her and follow her advice and instructions and your dog will be the very best he is capable of.

Regards – Don Mullen

Don Mullen