Laurie taught me what I needed to do

Gogo, our bullmastiff, joined our family as a small cuddly puppy—full of puppy energy.  My family did the basic training we knew.  But she grew and grew and grew.  By the time she was 6 months old we discovered we really had no clue how to train a dog as big as Gogo. All I can say is thank goodness for Laurie and the staff at Dog Days. The first thing every owner learns from Laurie is that it’s not the dog. (Which is so hard to hear).  Gogo was the one stealing the food off the counter.  Gogo was the one eating things that were never meant to be eaten. Gogo was the one giving me the blank stare when I scolded her. But it was me who didn’t know how to communicate.  I have to be honest, hearing I was part of the problem was not easy. Laurie taught me what I needed to do so Gogo learned that my direction is the be all, end all and I learned how to give directions so she follows them.  I can go on forever about how Laurie changed our lives.  Gogo is a no longer a small cuddly puppy–she is a big cuddly dog now.  And we love having her be a part of our family.

Kris Hicar