Laurie saw something redeeming in me

Dear Laurie & Staff,

One year ago I was a nervous, out of control rescue puppy who had a tough beginning.  My owners weren’t sure they could keep me.  As I walked into the building for an evaluation, my hackles were up and I acted very wary.  Fortunately, Laurie saw something redeeming in me.

A year later, after training, I have manners, obey commands (most of the time), don’t bark at other dogs, like my kennel and am attached to my owners (and them to me).  I look a little funny with my long skinny legs and curled up tail, but I am smart, healthy and a loyal companion.

Thanks to all of you; Laurie, Shantel, Kara and Adam for helping me be the dog I am now.  I’ll see you in the spring!


Scout (of Gene & Susan Mossberg)

Gene & Susan Mossberg