JUST LISTEN!!! They really really know what they’re doing and it WORKS!

We got our sweet lab pup at 10 weeks. We knew we wanted a well trained dog that we could walk off leash, hike with, have around our daughter and her friends, etc…so we contacted Laurie and made our initial reservation for board and train before we’d even brought Rizzo home!!
We were committed to training and followed their instruction but, regardless of training, puppies are hard! Rizzo was wild and up to 80lbs in the blink of an eye, I remember going in to drop him off crying my eyes out, so frustrated, even talking about giving him back. Laurie and her staff were amazing, they’d reassure me, tell me it was normal and what was happening with the dog at that stage, and what to expect in the coming months, that things would ebb and flow, peaks and valleys, etc. Just to stay with it and be consistent, that it works! So we did. He’s 1.5yrs old now.
Laurie kept saying he’s doing so well and he should be hiking off leash, which didn’t make sense to us at all because we were still struggling so much at home with walks and his fighting us on leash, jumping at other dogs, etc..he’s so high energy and strong…I knew I had to be missing something so I asked if she would please start a class for us and a few other dogs so she could watch and train me, correct or redirect me, and do it there in a safe environment with distractions and dogs and in real time, so I could learn. She did. It was the single greatest thing that ever happened because within 2 classes he was walking off leash, responding to my commands, working for me, etc.. and has become the dog we’ve always wanted! He’s been going to Dog Days since he was 10 weeks old so, it wasn’t magic, they’d been doing the training there with him and we’d been training at home, he already knew what to do. Her showing ME what to look for, how to anticipate things, how to respond and more importantly WHEN to respond was the eye opening part. It was like a light switch flipped! It was amazing! It’s incredible how well he works when I learned how to work and handle him correctly!
I can’t recommend Dog Days, Laurie, her staff enough. They do amazing work and are always willing to help with any issues.
My biggest take home lessons:
1. JUST LISTEN!!! They really really know what they’re doing and it WORKS! You just have to trust them, they know what they’re talking about and do it and be consistent.
2. It takes time!! You can’t go to one class and all of a sudden your dog is trained. It takes work but it is SO worth it. You will get the dog you want and you’ll both be SO much happier!!!
Rizzo is such a big part of our life and having him trained and being able to enjoy him is priceless, we couldn’t be more thankful for Dog Days and all they’ve done for us!

Angela Ryg