I love applying what I have learned from her each and every day

In picture L to R: Reegan, Jaidyn, Cleo, MacKenzie

Laurie has forever changed my dog handling and training experience. So much so that I am confident enough to enjoy the companionship of four dogs, three which are deaf. I first met Laurie and her staff four years ago when the concept of board and train caught my attention. She took in my hearing and deaf dog and guided them over a 10 day period to a new way of learning. I was so impressed that I immediately began taking my dogs to her obedience classes.

With each class, Laurie bestowed upon me such a wide range of knowledge that provided insight on how I needed to handle my dogs in every situation.  The tools, skills, and mindset that I took away from each class were immediately put into practice. Her experience with deaf dogs, provided additional pointers, but foremost, convinced me that dogs generally learn better without words and will watch non-verbal commands. Seeing the behavior that has come from this philosophy has proven great success for me.

With the recent addition to my family, my third deaf dog, I immediately sought out the expertise of Laurie. Within one hour she was able to introduce a frightened and defensive social dog to an environment that was stress free, safe, and fun. I am grateful for Laurie’s dog behavior and training qualities and experience. I love applying what I have learned from her each and every day.

~Diane Loucks

Diane Loucks