Happy and healthy

My two Weimeraner sisters, Max and Scout, first came to Dog Days when they were almost six months old.  Over the next nine and a half years, they probably spent more nights there than any other dogs in Laurie Buffington’s care.  I travel a lot for work and at one point I was transferred to London.  As a result, the girls spent their required six months of quarantine at Dog Days.  After that time, they successfully flew to London happy and healthy!

Besides training and caring for the girls, Laurie also saved Max’s life last year.  Her stomach got twisted and she bloated up and Laurie immediately recognized the symptoms and took her to the emergency room.  I was in New York on a business trip and the event happened in the middle of the night.  Laurie treated her with great care, as if she was her own dog, until my return the next day.

Laurie is a true professional and as such my girls are exceptionally well-trained.  She also maintains a very talented staff that is also great with the dogs.  In fact, when I moved to London, I asked Shantel to come for a week to train my new dog sitter.

My next generation of Weimeraners will definitely be trained by Laurie!

-Jane Miller


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Boulder, CO

Jane Miller