Calm, well behaved, and gentle

I am not sure it is possible to put into words how much we appreciate what the folks at Dog Days have done for our 5 year old Ridgeback (and us), but I’ll try.Bringing a soon-to-be 100lb Ridgeback puppy safely into our home with our 1 year old toddler was going to take some effort, and we couldn’t have done it without Laurie, Shantel and their team. The obedience classes taught me how to be a better dog owner, and gave us a solid base that has turned Whiskey into a phenomenal family dog. Everyone comments on how calm, well behaved, and gentle he is – and we trace that all back to puppy classes at Dog Days followed by weeks of training. We take him everywhere, including kids soccer games and trips to the park, and his focus never leaves me – which was 100% the result of the Dog Days program.We have since moved about an hour away from Dog Days, but we still book a stay for Whiskey with Laurie and Shantel whenever we go on vacation. We know he will be taken care of, and (even more importantly) Whiskey absolutely loves staying with them.

I can’t say enough about the Dog Days team – everyone that works with them agrees that they are awesome!

The Shepherd Family (including Whiskey!)