Welcoming a dog into your family can be fun and exciting, but it is also a lot of work. While most people get dogs because they want a furry friend that is loyal and loving, many people do not realize how much work goes into having a dog. Training your dog is extremely important and can help make your relationship with your dog better.

At Dog Days Training Center in Berthoud, we can help train your dog and teach you how to enforce the good behaviors, allowing you to create a bond and enjoy a well-behaved dog. We offer group and private classes for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, at a variety of skill levels. In this blog, we are going to talk about the importance of training your dog! Read on to learn more and be sure to contact us to schedule your private evaluation today.

Help You Bond

When you train your dog, you can build a strong bond with them that will be beneficial throughout your entire relationship. Training your dog establishes you as their leader and they will be more likely to listen to you and look at you for direction. You want your dog to trust you and to stay loyal to you. You want them to listen to your commands and do as you say. Training them helps you build that bond and keep it strong throughout their entire life.

Keeps Them Safe

Teaching your dog voice commands can help keep them safe. When you are able to control your dog, even when they are off their leash, you will be able to keep them safer. A dog that is not controlled with voice commands may bolt or chase a rabbit into the street, which could end with them running in front of a car. When your dog is under voice command, you can also make sure that they don’t bolt out the door any time it is opened. This can keep them safe from running away and getting lost, which is something no dog owner wants. You can also keep them from running up to a dog that may be aggressive or call them back to you when things start getting heated.

Keep Others Safe

A well behaved dog is less likely to be a danger to other dogs and people. Especially when you train them for specific issues, like anxiety, fear, or food aggression, you can keep them from going into survival mode. When you train your dog, they will feel safe with you and look to you for guidance during times of fear. They won’t feel the need to attack or protect themselves or you, which will keep other dogs and people safe.

Training them not to jump can also keep people safe. Some dogs are bigger than they act, and if your Great Dane jumps on your grandma, she could get knocked over and seriously hurt. Training your dog not to jump, to wait before running downstairs, and other behavioral skills can help keep everyone safer.

Allow Them to Be Social

When your dog is well behaved and learns how to respect boundaries, they will be able to be more social. Other dogs and people will be more comfortable being around them. Your dog will be able to enjoy playing with others and being around people more often. Training them to behave properly in social situations can help them act how you want and allows them to feel calmer around other people and dogs.

These are a few of the reasons why training your dog is so important. You can keep them and those around them safer while enjoying a special friendship. If you need help training your dog, be sure to contact Dog Days Training Center in Berthoud. We offer a variety of classes that can help you and your dog learn together.