Our classes teach more than just basic obedience skills.  Our aim is to teach you and your dog a variety of “life skills.”  What motivates your dog?  How much control do you really have in every situation? Does your dog have coping skills, frustration tolerance, impulse control?  These are only a few of the critical skills on which we focus in order to promote a well-mannered dog who is socially appropriate  with both people and other dogs in all manner of interactions.  We strive to teach our clients how to use the right tools and skills in order to motivate your dog to behave in the way you want!classes-page2-300x199

Summer 2018:

Puppy Class is now scheduled for July 12.  Please call or email and let us know if you would like to attend.

Obedience classes for all levels will begin on July 21st.

Basic Obedience 9-10am

Intermediate Obedience Class 10:30-11:30



These classes will be available to dogs that have participated in our Board and Train Program, dogs that have previously attended classes, and dogs that have had Private Evaluations and been approved for classes and off-leash socialization.


These classes will be $30 for 1 hour and will be smaller in size with 4-7 dogs per class.   Each class will have a specific focus although all classes will include plenty of off-leash socialization.  If you would like to attend please choose from one of the 7 classes listed below and CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US or call us at (303.678.7863) and tell us some dates and times that work for you.  We do not know how many of our furry friends will be able to attend so we are staying flexible and not setting specific days yet.  Once we begin to fill these classes we will email or call you directly to let you know the specific date and time of your class.  We will NOT be able to accommodate any drop-ins so please email and call us!!


  1. Puppy Class –Basic socialization and a start on basic commands.
  2. Rowdy Adolescents Class – Manners and appropriate socialization.
  3. Intermediate Class – Commands and socialization.
  4. Advanced Class – Off leash commands with distractions and socialization.
  5. Recall Class – Working on recall with distractions.
  6. Body Posture Class – Being able to better read what is appropriate and what is not in play and socialization.
  7. Off Switch Class – Working on dropping arousal and calming down quickly, switching quickly between work and play.