Board & Train




One of Dog Days most popular programs is our Board and Train Service. that combines dog boarding with highly specific and personalized dog training.  We at Dog Days appreciate how time consuming it can be to devote a sufficient amount of time in training your dog, and so we have developed a program in order to jump start the training process and provide some exercises, which if consistently applied, will help to create a happy, well-mannered dog.

All Board and Train dogs begin with a private evaluation by Laurie Buffington. Laurie will observe your dog in a variety of settings – alone, with you, with other dogs, and will interact with your dog herself, all with the goal of gaining some understanding of your dog’s personality.


Not all dogs are candidates for the Board and Train program. At Dog Days, safety is always our number one concern. Your dog may not be a candidate for Board and Train if they have done damage on another dog or a person. We cannot risk safety of other Board and Train dogs or staff. Laurie and the staff at Dog Days are always willing to work with issues of dog-to-dog aggression and dog-to-people aggression as well as other challenging behaviors, but Board and Train isn’t always an option for these dogs.

Your dog might not be a candidate if they are not genuinely dog social. Many of the dogs that come for Board and Train are young adolescents that are working on their manners and control. We do run our Board and Train dogs off leash together.This may mean that a dog who does not want to play or run off leash with other dogs would not enjoy their time here.


This is Cooper a 5 month old Boxer.  Cooper was an extremely pushy
puppy that attended our board and train program. Initially it took him over 45
minutes to put himself in a down.  He would not perform commands, work for his handlers, or our staff.  Here he is
after boarding and training, performing a “down-on-recall” and continuing to work on his “off” switch!

Please visit our How To Start and Private Evaluations pages for more information regarding your evaluation.

All Board and Train candidates are required to have an initial 10-day minimum stay, after which your dog can return for periods as short as a single night. While 10 days may seem like a long time, we at Dog Days have concluded that this length of time is necessary to create an environment for the most successful training outcomes.  This period allows your dog plenty of time to become comfortable with our staff, as well as familiar with the many unique experiences that await them at our property, such as swimming in the pond and interacting with a large pack of dogs. Completion of the initial stay allows returning dogs to be fully acclimated to our “system,” thereby allowing us to immediately begin working on more advanced training techniques.



Environmental exposure drives much of the learning process for your dog when they are here for Board and Train.  The “exposures” include but are not limited to, learning tolerance, lowering reactivity, increasing impulse control, and facilitating the work/play interactions in a social group with multiple dogs.  However life at Dog Days is not “all school – all the time”, and there is plenty of time allotted every day for your dog to just be a dog!

Our pond has an extensive cleaning and filtration system that is maintained on a weekly basis and is so good staff members have been known to swim with the dogs from time to time!

Even during down time dogs are learning.  At some point during the day, every dog takes part in a supervised, non-competitive chew time in which they receive a “high value” treat, like a raw bone, to allow for masseter muscle massage.  The masseter muscles are the large, facial cheek muscles used during chewing. Research reveals that the use of the masseter muscles during chewing has a natural relaxation effect for dogs.

At the conclusion of your dog’s stay initial stay, Dog Days trainers conduct a personalized training session with the owner. The training session allows our trainers to show you what your dog has learned and how to correctly reinforce the training so that it is transferred and applied to your home environment.  Training sessions typically include coaching from our trainers, as well as time for the client to practice these skills so they are comfortable reinforcing the training on their own.

In addition to our standard Board and Train program we also offer more advanced Board and Train programs for dogs with specific issues. Such issues can involve a variety of challenges, including but not limited to, separation anxiety and dog-to-dog aggression.  These sessions are arranged on an individual basis after an initial evaluation has taken place. Owners are encouraged to call or email us in order to discuss any of these options.



Insofar as scheduling is concerned, owners need to remember that when dropping off their dog, to bring a clearly labeled and appropriate amount of food for the entire length of the stay, as well as any medications or special treatments that your dog needs.  There will be additional charges If you forget your pup’s food or do not bring enough for the length of their stay.  We are happy to provide our food for your dog for an additional fee, we just ask that you arrange this prior to their drop off.  We require emergency vet information and secondary contact information if you will not be available by phone or email.  In addition, we require a 50% deposit at the time of drop-off as well as a signed liability release.  There is an additional $10 charge PER DAY for all calendar holidays including spring break and a $25 late fee for all appointments that arrive 15min or later without notice.   Furthermore, all holiday reservations (i.e. Xmas, Easter, Spring Break) will require a NON-REFUNDABLE 20% DEPOSIT.  Drop-off and pick-up times can be scheduled by phone or email anytime between Monday and Saturday.  Dog Days is closed on Sundays.